This post covers the on-line tutorials available to LU users.

The GIS team is often asked how people can learn how to do more stuff.  One of the perks of our ArcGIS site licence is that we can free access to a range of on-line tutorials from ESRI, the creators of ArcGIS.  These range from covering the basics to more complex kinds of analysis and the basics of programming (not for the faint of heart.)  Below are some screen shots showing what courses available.  They can be worked through at your leisure and usually involve some hands on work with downloaded data.

If you’re interested in doing any of these courses, please get in touch with me or Brad Case and we’ll forward you the information you need.

A useful one for beginners is Learning ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 10).  More details on each course can be found here.  There’s a mix of courses for version 10 and 10.1 – practically speaking, there aren’t huge differences between ArcMap 10 and 10.1, so you’d be reasonably safe doing the version 10 courses.  (13 Feb, 2015: we’re now on to version 10.3 but with no major changes to the applications, much of these will still hold true.)