Election 2017: Counting on the Maps

This post looks at mapping the results of the 2017 general election with a particular focus on using cartograms to better represent the results. I don’t know about you, but on election night I was looking for some maps.  Sure, a ticker tape of the electorate outcomes across the bottom of the screen was useful, […]

Contours Made Easy

In this post we look at two different ways of creating elevation contours from a DEM.  In one we derive and smooth the contour lines and in the other we smooth the DEM first. One of the most common questions we get here at GIS Central is about creating elevation contours.  It’s not a difficult […]

Droning on…

This post covers some of the outputs from LU’s new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or drone. The university recently acquired a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or as they’re more commonly known, a drone.  It’s an eight-rotor Altus Delta with three sensors: a high-spec Sony camera, a Sequioa multispectral sensor, and a WIRS thermal camera. That’s […]