Remotely sensed images are incredibly useful sources of GIS data.  In this post we begin looking at using satellite images to create useful GIS data. Without giving too much away about myself, one of my top five absolute favourite Van Morrison songs is Wavelength, from the 1978 (egads!) album of the same name.  It might […]

Deleting Smokers – Part 1

This is the first post in a series covering the development of a Python script to carry out some analysis.  We cover the idea behind the script and develop some pseudo-code used to flesh it out. For those of you having trouble sleeping, this post may be the one for you.  In several previous posts, we’ve […]

Which Way to Mecca?

Knowing the direction to Mecca is important to all Muslims.  This post goes into the best way to find it. (Updated May, 2019 to take compass variation into account.) Today is Friday and all over the world, Muslims will join together for Friday prayers, like a wave washing over the world from east to west.  […]