Come On Up For The Rising

With props to Bruce Springsteen, another post looking at elevation profiles. We had a tramping related post not long ago and here’s another one.  Sometimes tramping is just idyllic with fantastic views, good mates and serene moments.  Other times, well it’s just a plain, hard out slog of putting one foot in front of the […]

Spatial join- the tool you need

Ruby gives us some more insight into the Spatial Join tool. Spatial join: the tool you didn’t know you need (but it’s exactly what you’re are looking for). When I was completing my final project, I found that I had multiple layers with a heap of data on each, but I couldn’t really do much […]

Shady Intersections

We look at using the Tabulate Intersections tool to do an off-beat spatial join. Postgrad Lucia had a problem, a spatial problem, to be more exact.  As part of her MLA she’s doing some research on whether shade is equitably provided in Christchurch’s parks, i.e., do wealthy neighbourhoods have more access to shade than poorer […]