Where This Is No Elevation

This post covers how elevations for dragonfly observation points data for Vanuatu were sourced from a space shuttle mission in 2000. For creatures that weigh way less than a gram, dragonflies have certainly kept me busy over the years.  We’ve already seen how my colleague, Milen, used some offline maps on his phone to collect […]

Taveuni – An Island Torn in Two

Spatial data of dragonfly observations from the Fijian island of Taveuni posed some interesting mapping problems .  This post covers how we resolved them using a new projection. You may recall an earlier post where we talked about collecting dragonfly sightings across the Pacific.  My colleague, Milen, is quite the dragonfly aficionado and has been […]

Contour Labels Made Not So Easy!

In previous posts we looked at deriving elevation contours and creating index contours for display.  This time we look at the not quite so straightforward task of labeling our contours. So previously we’ve covered how to derive contours from elevation data and then create some nice index contours.  The last piece of this puzzle is […]

Index Contours Made Easy

Index contours help the map reader get a better feel for the topography of an area.  Symbolising index contours is easy to do with a little bit of preparation.  In an earlier post we looked at creating elevation contours: This time we’ll look at how we can better display our contours by symbolising some index […]