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Map Projections Part 1: Where on Earth are we?

We begin a discussion of the pluses and minuses, highs and lows of map projections in this post.  We’ll always have problems flattening out our spheroidal earth onto flat maps. Not that I’m a huge basketball fan but I’d like to give Shaquille O’Neal the benefit of the doubt about claiming the earth is flat…

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A Shady Topic – Hillshade layers

This post looks at hillshade layers – how they are used and created and how our brain interprets them. I had an interesting mapping experience last winter.  While taking a break in the lodge at Mt Cheeseman, I was confronted, yes, confronted, by a strange phenomenon.  Now I take a fair bit of pride in…

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Can I use my own symbols on maps?

This post covers how to use your own custom symbols in ArcMap I had a good question in one of my classes recently (thanks Jacque!): can I use my own symbols on maps in ArcMap?  Short answer – yes!  It may not be as easy as we might like, but it’s certainly doable.  We’ll look…

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What Do Cave Orcs and Riverbeds Have in Common?

In this post we look at how a hand-held laser scanner is being used in the water lab to capture high-resolution elevation data of a scale model of the Waiho River. Lincoln has a long history of using physical models of to study gravel bed river systems, and the West Coast’s Waiho River in particular. …

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