Opening Up Open Street Map

This post gives some background on Open Street Map, an open source, crowd sourced alternative to Google Maps.  We also cover how data can be downloaded and used for analysis. A key aspect of our postgrad GIS courses is an independent project, where students formulate their own projects to ensure they develop some analysis skills in […]

GIS in Action – Crowd Sourced Mapping of Earthquake Impacts in Nepal

This post looks at how GIS is being used in a crowd sourcing way to respond to humanitarian needs around the world.  Recent event in Nepal have been eerily familiar – many of will know what it’s like living in the shadow of aftershocks and the long road ahead.  There are lots of ways we […]

Home on the Range

In this post we’ll cover the ins and outs of creating home ranges for animals based on point locations.  This was mainly written as a tutorial for Ecology students but by all means, feel free to have a go. In animal ecology there’s an important concept around home ranges for animals, which could be thought […]