Lost in the Arctic

In this post we look at a challenging map situation and how some cartographic choices got in the way of a good article. While perusing the web recently, I came across an article on the lack of ice regrowth in the Arctic this year.  It’s highlighting that at this time in the northern hemisphere, sea ice should be […]

Eye Popping Details from LiDAR Data

This post covers some of the amazing detail contained in newish LiDAR-derived DEMs for Canterbury. LiDAR has popped up in many posts here – and rightfully so.  It’s not too much of an overstatement that these data are revolutionising terrain analysis.  I thought it might be enlightening to show some of that detail from a […]

A Cautionary Tale of Tahr

A simple mistake crept into a map just recently so this post is a cautionary tale about being very thorough about checking all aspects of your map before it is “done”. This post is written as a cautionary tale.  Here’s the background.  I recently got an email from Geoff Kerr, who serves on the board […]