A New Window on the World – ArcGIS Pro

In this post we look at a new application in the ArcGIS suite – Pro. Like most behemoth software applications, ArcGIS is ever changing.  There’s a new horse in the ArcGIS stable and it’s probably one that’s worth getting to grips with, especially as the tea leaves seem to point to this as the direction […]

Getting Started with the GIS Blog

This post provides an overview of all the (hopefully) useful things you can read about on the blog. In its short and happy life the GIS Blog has certainly done a lot for me.  It’s made it a lot easier to respond to many common questions (like mapping to the J: drive – see how easy […]

ArcMap Menus – The Last of the Unsung Heroes

In this post we’ll delve into the ArcMap Menus to see what they have to offer. For a few posts we’ve been looking at some of the basics of ArcMap, particularly the Menus and Toolbars: In previous posts we’ve looked at the Standard and Tools toolbars.  For this view into the unsung heroes of ArcMap […]

The Standard Toolbar – Another Unsung Hero of ArcMap

This post covers the tools available on the Standard toolbar in the ArcMap window. In a previous post we looked at the Tools toolbar.  This time around we’ll look at the Standard toolbar and what can be done with it.  Once again we’ll start with the upper left hand corner of your ArcMap window: The […]

The Tools Toolbar – An Unsung Hero of ArcMap

This post covers some of the basics of the Tools toolbar on the ArcMap window, an unsung heros of using the application. The GIS Blog has focused on a lot of technical uses of GIS, but sometimes just making your way around in ArcMap can be a challenge.  So in this post we’ll look at […]