Level 4 Exercise

We use a bit of network analysis to set the extent of exercise during lockdown. So you now know that part of my coping strategy for lockdown is Stuff quizzes, but to be honest, the main strategy for me is exercise, and running in particular.  I’d be lost without it, as those in my bubble […]

Three Geographic Strikes

So one of my guilty pleasures is doing Stuff’s two daily trivia quizzes.  That and crossword puzzles.  And…well you probably don’t want to hear about the other ones…  (Ed. Thanks).  Now Stuff has started up a new quiz called Three Strikes.  In this one you get six or seven things that need to be arranged […]

Jacinda’s Heat Map

We look at recent heat maps in the news and work with some publicly available Ministry of Health data on Covid. In a recent Covid-19 update, the Prime Minister showed us a “heat map” of Covid-19 contacts. Be still my beating heart!  Maps to the rescue!  Imagine if she had read out a list of […]

What’s so primo about the Prime Meridian?

The prime meridian sets the zero point for measuring longitude.  What’s so special about it? The Royal Observatory, Greenwich. https://www.mylondon.news/whats-on/family-kids-news/greenwich-royal-observatory-opening-prices-15205328 In the GIS courses we’ve recently been talking about coordinate systems and their importance in GIS.  They are absolutely fundamental as they allow us to do one of the key things that makes GIS useful: […]

On the Edge

We look at creating a catchment boundary layer using existing data and nice visualisations. So imagine you’re walking along a mountain ridge (like the one shown above from Antarctica – hope you’ve got your thermals on).  When it starts to rain, water flows to one side or the other, depending on where it hits the […]

Met Station Madness

In this post we look at extracting and mapping data from the CliFlo database, with some unanticipated coordinate system detours.   Here at GIS Central we recently had a frustrating problem arise with some data (Ed. not an uncommon thing by any means, almost a daily occurrence).  Postgrad Joseph has been interested in identifying heat islands […]