Web Feature Services Part 2 – LRIS and LDS

Part 2 of a focus on Web Feature Services (WFS), this time on connecting to data from LRIS and LDS. A previous post covered the basics of connecting to Web Feature Services (WFS).  For this post, we’ll look specifically at how to connect to Landcare’s data portal (LRIS) and the LINZ data service (LDS, not […]

Web Feature Services – real data from the web to your desktop

This post looks at web feature services (WFS) where real data from internet sources can be added to your desktop for analysis purposes. In a previous post we looked at web services that could be added to a map.  While these are great for map making purposes, they do have their limitations, especially if you […]

How do I clip raster data?

This post covers how to clip out portions of raster grids (updated May 2021 for Pro). A previous post covered how to clip vector data (feature classes and shapefiles).  Another key skill is being able to clip out portions of raster grids, such as a DEM, or perhaps a TIF image.  We’ve got three options […]