Difficulties with Degrees

In this post we resolve the problem with our US data points In a previous post we looked in excruciating detail at some point data in the US. After first establishing that many, if not all, were in the wrong place, the next step was figuring out how to fix this, which meant getting to […]

Degrees of Difficulty

To work through a mapping project a bit of detective work was needed to get data in the right place. GIS Central has recently been involved with some global mapping as part of an Our Land and Water project. This has involved collating a wide range of environmental data covering soils, hydrology, vegetation, terrain and […]

Driven Crazy by OneDrive

Avoid losing precious data by practicing some Zen calm Here are GIS Central we’ve been fielding a lot of calls from frustrated users, along the lines of: “I finished my project last night but when I opened it up this morning, everything was gone!” -Frustrated in Whangarei “That layer I spent hours on doesn’t work […]