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Spatial Aspects of Gallipoli – The Big Picture

This is the first of two posts related to the Gallipoli Campaign.  In this one we’ll talk about the importance of Gallipoli in World War One while the second will look at the ANZAC beach landing. I’m no war buff – far from it.  But there are a few military events that have really captured…

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How To Add a Locator Map in ArcMap

This post details how to add a locator map (or inset map) to a layout in ArcMap. Map making is part art, part science, but mainly art, in my humble opinion.  It’s often the case that you’ve done the hard yards with analysis and, in the critical map making phase, you want to add some…

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The Spatial Smoking Gun (part 2)

This is the second of two posts about some spatial analysis aimed at reducing adolescent smoking rates.  The first talked about the analysis itself while this one discusses how the results were shared with colleagues and end users. In part 1 of this post, the analysis issues were covered and we ended up with a…

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