A Humble Table Join Saves the Day

Table joins are an easy and convenient way to link data in spreadsheeets to spatial layers.  Here we cover a good example of one simple table join deciphering some codes in a soils layer. Those familiar with the J: drive will know that we hold many national scale datasets, from soils to land use to […]

Finding Yourself in Bali

The Balinese have a unique way of locating themselves.  “North” is not always “up”, unless it’s uphill to the volcano. My daughters tell me that I’m at risk of flexing here, but bear with me.  We were lucky enough to spend some time in Bali recently and while there are heaps of things I’d love […]

An ArcGlobe Tutorial

In this post we look at how to use ArcGlobe for 3D visualisations of large areas. One benefit of using GIS is the creation of 3D visualisations using geographic data.  Often we can use ArcScene to do this, but it doesn’t take long to butt up against its limitations (speed, quality of display, fiddle-iness…), so […]

Tired of those boxy maps?

In this post we look at alternative shapes for data frames to create more professional maps. It was with great pleasure that I learned how to do something new with ArcMap the other day.  It’s increasingly impossible to know everything there is to know about GIS so knowing how to do new things is always […]

Flow Diagrams That Work

We cover executable flow diagrams using ModelBuilder in this post. In a previous post we covered a straightforward example of a quick GIS job that involved Merging and Dissolving 43 input contour shapefiles, then selecting and exporting a subset.  At the end, I flippantly included a flow diagram, reproduced by the magic of science below: […]