Loaded Layers

We look at using the Load command to add new records to a layer in this post.  Sometimes it’s a far better option than a spatial join or a merge. We recently had a summer scholarship student looking at some mapping work for the Department of Conservation (DOC).  Amongst the myriad of things they look […]

Some Very Cool Data

This post reviews LiDAR data available for the southern continent and the Dry Valleys in particular.  From the raw data we derive a high resolution DEM. I hate to say this, but some data are cooler than others (Ed. What a geeky thing to say…)  and LiDAR data certainly fit into that category.  We’ve talked about LiDAR earlier – […]

Save your marriage – use layer files

Layer files are a useful way to recreate legends and get consistent symbology.  This post outlines what they are and how to use them.  Geology…who doesn’t love geology?  And who doesn’t love geology maps especially?  (Ed. – Only heathens…)  The image below shows one of the  1:250,000 scale geology maps that cover the country, produced […]