Where the Wild Sub Clover Grows

This posts looks at being mindful of creating ambiguous results in your spatial analysis, in a raster context The GIS Team recently did some work with Sonya Olykan and Derrick Moot on a North Island dryland farm.  The aim was to identify where subterranean clover might be best  grown on the Tokaroa Farm, near Martinborough.  […]

Being Fair to Covid-19

We take a look at mapping Covid-19 cases in New Zealand and how we can ensure that our interpretations are more realistic.  MOH figures in this post are current as at 10 May 2020 at 9.00 As we shift a bit closer to Level 2 and a perhaps bit more freedom, it may be an […]

Turning the Tables on Tourism

This post covers how a map of tourist spending for 2019 was done.  Table joins were a critical part of this.  We also look at the mapping process and, more specifically, how to add pie charts to your map. Tourism, as the most significant industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings, is one of the major sectors of […]