The Path of Least Resistance

In this guest post, Joesph Zooneveld takes us through least cost path mapping to find a mountains to sea biodiversity corridor of native bush. In a recent GIS course at Lincoln University, I was tasked to find a spatial problem and then solve it using a GIS analysis. Being interested in conservation and biodiversity, I […]

ArcGIS and Google Maps/Google Earth   

In this guest post, ERST607 student Aimily Li gives us some detail on how to export data from Google Maps and Google Earth – useful stuff! Introduction Sometimes in our daily life, the GIS data we collect may come from some other programs like Google Maps and Google Earth. These applications are more commonly used […]

Mad Science 101: Vaporising the Hero

In this guest post, ERST607 student Callum Mclean delves into the using GIS to estimate solar radiation.  Take it away, Callum… (updated 14 October for clarity.) An Introduction to the weirdly complex world of solar power As a well-informed evildoer you might have heard we are in the midst of a rather problematic climate situation. […]

Deleting Smokers – Part 3 – Progress!

In Part 3 of a series on developing a Python script, some progress is detailed.  A short data-massaging script helps prepare the input data for the main script. In this ongoing series about developing a Python script for some analysis, we first covered what the script needs to do and then also covered some data issues.  […]