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Near and Deer Ones

In this post we look at addressing a spatial problem, coming up with an approach and implementing the solution.  (Spoiler alert – it worked, but not as it was supposed to.)  We often get emails here at GIS Central asking for a bit of assistance with things spatial.  One never knows what will come through…

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Master of Your Domain

We look at how to use attribute domains to enforce some data integrity. Who’s a good consistent typist?  I’m ceratinly certainly not.  Let’s say you had to add a bunch of data into a spreadsheet, maybe names of students and their degrees.  If you’re anything like me, it’s hard enough to get names correctly typed…

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Care and Feeding of Polygons

We look at different editing tools for working with vector polygons in this post. Digitising (creating and editing vector features) is a key GIS skill.  Most find that it’s also one that can be more than a bit frustrating. Yes, we’ve all been there… At the risk of damage to your machine (and psyche), we’ll…

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