Map Projections Part 2: The Allegory of the Cave

In this second post on map projections we cover the range of different types of projections.  Part 1 gave us a broad overview of different map projections In thinking about map projections I’m reminded of an old story.  Now bear with me on this one: in this story, imagine some prisoners, chained in a cave […]

Keeping Your Feet Dry with Mosaic Datasets

Mosaic datasets can be used store and manage a collection of raster grids.  We demonstrate this by downloading some high resolution DEMs and the stitch them together in a mosaic dataset.  (Updated May 2019 to point out how to fix any problems from the start.) Even as we speak, students in ERST202 are engaged in […]

Don’t Let That Dragonfly Get Away! – Offline Mapping in Vanuatu

Offline mapping provides a way to collect data in the field without an internet connection.  In this post we look at how an app is being used to collect dragonfly observations in Vanuatu. Several years back, Milen Marinov was working on his masters degree here.  He’s an expert on Odonata species (dragonflies) and as part […]