Poor Lost Grid

This post covers importing a raster layer from a text file and tidying it up for analysis using Clip Raster and Con Data can take many different forms, some obvious and easy to work with, others less so.  In this post we look at a special case of a raster layer in the guise of […]

The Best Laid Plans

In this post we look at different strategies to approach an analysis plan.  (Updated 26 May with additional comments from a colleague.) We talk a lot about analysis on the GIS Blog and there have been a lot of examples with specific tools and how a particular analyses werecarried out.  This is all (hopefully) good after-the-fact stuff, […]

3D Fun

Some hints on creating 3D features in ArcGIS Pro One of the nice things that ArcGIS Pro does better than previous versions is handling data in 3D.  Using scenes, it’s become a lot easier to put together nice visualisations.  For instance, below I’ve got a viewshed generated from a set of five points that represent […]

Deleting Smokers – Closing the Loop(s)

The last of our series on developing a Python script for some smoking reduction analysis. Long term readers of the GIS Blog (Hi Mum!) may recall a series of posts on the development of a Python script for some analysis.  As part of the smoking reduction analysis I’ve been involved with over the years, we […]