All of our GIS data are stored on the network and anyone can easily access them.  To get started:

  • Open Windows Explorer and right-click on This PC and then Map Network Drive:

  • In the Drive window, pick J:
  • In the folder window, type \\c-fs3\gis2
  • If you’re always going to using the same computer, tick the “Reconnect at logon” box.  This way you’ll be remapped every time you log on.  If you log onto a different computer you’ll need to remap to the J: drive.
  • The window should look like this:

Once you click Finish, you’ll see the J: drive mapped in Windows Explorer.  Next we’ll need to connect to the data from inside ArcMap.

  • Open ArcMap and click the Add Data button.
  • When the Add Data dialog window opens, look for the Connect to Folder button.


  • Press this and look for the J: drive under Computer.
  • Select J: and then OK.

At the top level you’ll see several folders:

  • Courses – where data for specific courses live
  • Current Projects – data for individual projects
  • Data – the location of our main national datasets
  • Spatial Ecology – layers for the AGLS Spatial Ecology group
  • Support – license files, backups, mainly behind the scenes stuff

Most data of interest will be in the Data Folder though we will put data for specific projects in the Current Projects folders.  Data for courses are held in the Courses folder.

By the way, there’s nothing special about J:.  It’s been the drive of choice as long as I’ve been here and we continue to use for sentimental reasons.  Plus it’s easier to refer to the “J: drive” than \\c-fs3\gis2.