Area solar radiation tool in ArcGIS Pro

With summer just around the corner, Vivian gets us using the Area Solar Radiation tool. Solar radiation, also known as the solar resource or sunlight (New Zealand singer Lorde might call it solar power), is a general term for the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. Solar radiation is crucial for our survival as it […]

Setting visibility ranges in ArcGIS Online

Everybody likes to be seen.  Ben gives us an oversight on visibility ranges in ArcGIS Online. Hey guys, today I am going to be exploring setting visibility ranges for different layers in ArcGIS Online. Doing this is also possible in Pro, but it is arguably more useful in a Web Map, as then your users […]

Using maps and map data in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

In this post we’ll look at how you can bring basemaps and map data into Photoshop and Illustrator and manipulate the data presentation to your heart’s content. An intro to Photoshop and Illustrator Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the industry standard tools in the graphic design world. Adobe is to graphic design what Esri […]

Spatial Join Tool

Samuel takes us through using the Spatial Join tool. Spatial Join Tool – Votes for Crile.D running for Christchurch Mayor! Kia ora, everyone. My name is Samuel Lin, today I will through the Spatial Join tool, which lives under “Geoprocessing – Analysis Tools – Overlay – Spatial Join,” in ArcGIS. In this scenario, we have […]

The Return of Deer A

We follow up a previous post and attempt to clean up a spatial mess of our own creation Previously, we looked at a script that calculates distances between deer locations.  Things were going along swimmingly until I realised that I hadn’t quite done what was asked.  That knock on my door was Deer A, just […]

Near and Deer Ones

In this post we look at addressing a spatial problem, coming up with an approach and implementing the solution.  (Spoiler alert – it worked, but not as it was supposed to.)  We often get emails here at GIS Central asking for a bit of assistance with things spatial.  One never knows what will come through […]

Master of Your Domain

We look at how to use attribute domains to enforce some data integrity. Who’s a good consistent typist?  I’m ceratinly certainly not.  Let’s say you had to add a bunch of data into a spreadsheet, maybe names of students and their degrees.  If you’re anything like me, it’s hard enough to get names correctly typed […]

Care and Feeding of Polygons

We look at different editing tools for working with vector polygons in this post. Digitising (creating and editing vector features) is a key GIS skill.  Most find that it’s also one that can be more than a bit frustrating. Yes, we’ve all been there… At the risk of damage to your machine (and psyche), we’ll […]

Profiles in Curvage

Here we look at creating elevation profile plots from high resolution LiDAR data. In a previous post we looked at some elevation profiles using LiDAR data, like this one: On the map we have a hillshade layer from a 1 m resolution DEM derived from LiDAR .  The blue line was drawn from north to […]

Ngā Pūrākau o Te Whenua – Kaitorete Spit

Satellite images, DEMs and hillshades are used to help tell the story of Kaitorete Spit and Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.  Thanks to Lloyd Carpenter for guidance on this post’s title, roughly translating to “A Landscape Story”.  Ngā mihi e hoa! Oh great…  Yet another featureless, boring Canterbury vista…(nice day, though) You could certainly be forgiven for thinking this!  We’re […]