Data with a View

This post covers viewsheds – raster grids that indicate which areas are visible from a specific location. (Updated May 2021 for Pro.) Some of you may remember that stately Timeball Station in Lyttelton: Coming out of the tunnel and into Lyttelton, it was hard to miss the structure above the port. The castle-like building stood […]

Data, data everywhere, but what about what I need?

This post outlines the data currently available on our network. Those of you who have done any work with GIS will know how important the right data are.  Spatial analysis is very much a garbage in-garbage out process so making sure you’ve got good data to start out with is crucial.  Last week’s post was […] and Web Services

The Canterbury councils recently got together (gasp!) to produce a map portal for the whole region.  This post covers that as well as brings up how web services can be used to access publicly available data. It may sound hard to believe, but the district, city and regional councils got together recently and decided […]

Mapping the Census

In this post I’ll take about how we can make the most of the recent (and previous) census data and how to add spreadsheet data to a map. So did you fill in your census form on Tuesday night?  In the course of filling in the forms, you no doubt entered a lot of personal […]