March 31, 2006

Professor Tony Wolf

Professor Tony Wolf presented a seminar entitled “Wine grape growing in the US mid-Atlantic states: adversity and opportunity” at Lincoln University in March 2006. Tony Wolf is Professor of Viticulture...

March 26, 2006

Professor Mark Daeschel

Professor Mark Daeschel visited the Centre during January to March 2006 to learn more about current research on quality and processing problems that exist in the New Zealand wine industry,...

March 3, 2006

Bird wars over for another year – but hostilities to resume next season

Wine Technology in New Zealand, March 2006 Every winter, vineyard managers promise that – next year – they will finally find a way to outsmart those %^$#@*^#! birds!  (

February 10, 2006

Life after Lincoln. Viticulture and Oenology

Avenues, February 2006 Nicholas Brown is passionate about wine; however, unlike those of us whose contact with wine is limited to which drop best accompanies a steak or salmon, for...

February 8, 2006

Glassy new approach to grape ripening

Infolinc, February 2006 Lincoln University’s Food and Wine Group has begun assessment research into the use of crushed glass as a medium for reflecting greater amounts of sunlight into the...

February 4, 2006

Grapes to genes – studying the how and why of flavour and aroma production in Sauvignon blanc

Pictured are PhD students Ganeshan Vellasamy (left) and Andriy Podolyan (right) preparing grape berry samples for biochemical and molecular analyses. Their projects are focused on characterising the biochemical pathway responsible...

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