Reports on Grapevine Diseases for New Zealand Winegrowers

April 30, 2012 0 Comments

Dr Marlene Jaspers has recently completed a series of research reports for New Zealand Winegrowers.  The reports summarize recent findings from research projects investigating Botryosphaeria dieback disease and Cylindrocarpon black foot disease in New Zealand vineyards.

The Botroyosphaeria report comprises three sections.  In the first, the species of Botryosphaeriaceae present in New Zealand, as well as their distribution in New Zealand wine regions, is reported.  This is followed by an investigation of the epidemiology of Botryosphaeria diseases in grapevines, including an analysis of infection processes, infection risk factors, disease development, and the production and dispersal of spores.  The third section reports on an investigation into the role of grapevine propagation nurseries in the spread of Botryosphaeria, and begins the dialogue about the development of control strategies. 

The Cylindrocarpon black foot disease report describes the identification of the pathogens in New Zealand, investigations into the pathogen’s disease cycle, risk factor assessment, infection mechanisms, and possible control mechanisms.  Though the research demonstrates that eradication and control of the disease is difficult, the report outlines several control methods whose integration is believed to provide effective defence against the disease.

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