Sam Connew

March 13, 2012 0 Comments

My  winemaking career started with a postgraduate Diploma of Viticulture and Oenology (after completing degrees in Arts and Law) at Lincoln.  From there a thirsty desire to learn and experience the diversity of the wine world has taken me around the globe, as I worked all over Australia, the USA, Italy, and Spain before joining Tower Estate in January 2010.

I have continued my education through the Advanced Wine Assessment Course at the Australian Wine Research Institute and as a scholar at the prestigious Lens Evans Tutorial in 2002. Following this training, I have become a regular and respected senior wine show judge and panel chair at wine shows throughout Australia.

My philosophy for trying to make great wine is simple. Firstly, regional, varietal and stylistic integrity are essential; and secondly, winemaking is an ongoing learning process with constant experimentation in both viticultural and vinification techniques which are fundamental in the quest to transform good wines into great wines.

This philosophy combined with my winemaking skills and educational background has led me to be highly rewarded, most recently with the prestigious title of International Red Winemaker of the Year at the 2007 International Wine Challenge in the UK.


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