Dr Harrison Teaches WineSkills Master Class in Britain

March 6, 2012 0 Comments

In May, Roland Harrison was invited to teach a Master Class at WineSkills, a program hosted by Plumpton College in the UK.  The course focused on Wine Analysis and Oxidation, and encompassed laboratory, tasting, lecture, and discussion components. 

WineSkills is an EU-funded project that aims to provide training for the rapidly growing UK Wine Industry.  WineSkills hosts workshops, master classes, and mentorship opportunities that bring global expertise to UK wine industry professionals. 

Over the past several years, Lincoln University has established links with Plumpton College.  Recently, Belinda Kemp finished her PhD from Lincoln on “the Effect of the Timing of Leaf Removal on Berry Ripening, Flavour, and Aroma Compounds in Pinot Noir Wine” and took a position at Plumpton as wine lecturer and the Wine Department Research Coordinator, strengthening the link between the two institutions.  Dr Harrison’s involvement with WineSkills served to further strengthen this relationship and helped to bring Lincoln’s cool-climate wine expertise to Great Britain’s burgeoning wine industry.

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