Study to Compare Wine Socialisation of Gen Y Internationally

November 29, 2011 0 Comments

A study has recently been launched to investigate wine socialisation experiences of Generation Y (those born between 1978 and 1993) in Australasia, the United States, and Old World wine countries such as Italy, France, and Spain. The study has been developed by Dr Natalia Kolyesnikova, of the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute, Texas Tech University, in association with Lincoln’s Dr Joanna Fountain.  This work marks a continuation and expansion of exploratory research conducted last year which explored young people’s early experiences with wine and alcohol.  Research findings from this exploratory research are available here.

The expanded project will incorporate researchers from France, Italy, Spain and Australia, and will explore issues including the age at which respondents first tried wine, as well as the situations and influences surrounding their early wine exposure.

  While there is an increasing amount of research conducted on wine consumption patterns of Gen Y consumers, research in the area of wine socialisation is much more limited.  This study will be the first comparing wine socialisation between the Old and New Worlds, with historically different cultural attitudes toward wine.

The study is being conducted by way of an open online survey.  Participants in this study do not have to be regular wine drinkers, but must be of legal drinking age and born in 1978 or later.

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