Rob Cameron

November 27, 2011 0 Comments

I am currently the Winemaker and Co-Founder of Invivo Wines New Zealand Ltd.  Invivo is a premium New Zealand Wine Brand producing over 30,000 cases annually and exporting wine to 15 countries.  In addition to my responsibilities at Invivo, I also manage winemaking and viticulture for Lochiel Estate in Northland and do contract work for other small clients. Prior to this I worked for seven years as a consultant Winemaker in Europe managing projects in France, Spain, and throughout Eastern Europe.

Winemaking is a complex and challenging job as the work varies depending on the winery and the country.  Being a winemaker also demands much more than simply making wine, so having a broad range of skills is essential.  My degree at Lincoln gave me a great foundation for the travel and challenges I would encounter and was a great help when I eventually started my own businesses.


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