Dryland Pastures

Hill Country Management

Presentation on Hill Country Management by Professor Derrick Moot (Dryland Pastures Research team, Lincoln University) to the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science (NZIAHS) forum on the “Impact of changing landscapes on primary production” held at Lincoln University, New Zealand on 23/10/2019. (approx 26 mins including questions). An accompanying PDF of the presentation…

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Issues surround OVERSEER as a regulatory tool

Professor Moot was pleased to see the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Simon Upton, has outlined his concerns about Overseer being used in a regulatory context. Prof Moot has critiqued that report and believes there are also further issues related to the use of this model in farm environmental plans. He believes Overseer is a…

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Dairying in Canterbury

This video is a presentation by Prof Derrick Moot at the European Society of Agronomy Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland from 27-31 Aug 2018. This presentation was given on 30 Aug 2018. The presentation discusses the changes seen in the dairy industry in the Canterbury region and outlines some problems and potential solutions to some of…

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Ray Brougham Trophy Public Lecture – Legumes Regenerate Pastures

Professor Derrick Moot was awarded the Ray Brougham Trophy by the New Zealand Grassland Trust in Nov 2016. As part of this, award Derrick was required to make a series of public lectures. This video is a recording of the lecture which took place at Lincoln University, Canterbury on 6 Sep 2017. The duration of this…

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Sub clover germinating in Marlborough this season

Here are some photos of sub clover taken by Doug Avery on ‘Bonavaree’ Farm in Marlborough. Legume–dominant pasture in spring 2016 The photo below shows Fraser Avery standing in high quality legume dominant pasture last spring (1 October 2016). This is ‘Antas’ sub clover which has been allowed to set seed in its first year and…

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Autumn annual clover regeneration at Ashley Dene

Dick Lucas ventures into our MaxAnnuals experimental area at Ashley Dene in the first of this series of video blogs taken on 7 May. In this video Dick discusses the general state of the cocksfoot or hybrid ryegrass pastures this autumn with a bit of a recap on what he has observed at the site…

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Effects of nitrogen and water on pasture production

In this video members of the Lincoln University Dryland Pastures Research team explain the impacts of nitrogen fertility and water availability on the current pasture production of dryland cocksfoot and perennial ryegrass pastures at Ashley Dene (approx. 3 minutes).

Testing legume nodules to identify what rhizobia is fixing legume nitrogen

This month we have a change of scenery with our video blog, and have moved from the paddocks of Sawdon to the laboratory at Lincoln. In this video we look at the first stages of analysing root nodules for specific rhizobia types. By doing this we can test whether the rhizobia, present in the root…

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December lupin harvest at Sawdon Station

Dr Alistair Black and Travis Ryan-Salter discuss changes in stock management at the mid-December harvest of the lupin grazing experiment at Sawdon Station in our latest video blog. Dry matter yields, lupin establishment and management are discussed. View the video below (13 min).

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