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Effects of herbicides on subterranean clover

On 29 July 2016 Professor Derrick Moot headed out to the Ashley Dene research farm to look at an experiment being conducted by Masters student Teresa. This experiment is investigating the effects of nine different herbicide treatments on the survival and productivity of five different subterranean clover cultivars established in autumn and spray at one of two different…

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Red Meat Profit Partnership – Lucerne and other dryland legumes

Up Coming Event: Red Meat Profit Partnership conference call – Lucerne and other dryland legumes. When: Wednesday 17 August at 7.30 pm This conference call will run from 7.30 pm – 8.15 pm (45 mins). Outline: Lucerne is one of the oldest fodder crops known to humans, and its history in New Zealand is long. During the late…

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High Country Lucerne Development Field Day – Thursday 28 July

Upcoming Field Day: High Country Lucerne Development                                                            Where: Flock Hill Station, Arthurs Pass                            …

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Farm survey – responses needed on horehound levels on farm

The Horehound Biocontrol Group is seeking input about the magnitude of horehound problem, especially in Lucerne. With lucerne growing more widespread and already occupying over 150,000 ha, we notice horehound (Marrubium vulgare) is rearing its head as one of the worst weeds in lucerne stands, especially on extensive properties with ridges and areas with difficult…

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DPR Team now on Facebook

Yes – that’s right. We’ve now got a Facebook page were we are going to show a wee bit of what we get up to. Most of our fixed content and the detailed information will remain here on the blog and over on the Dryland Pastures website but we thought it might be interesting to…

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In memory of Malcolm Macfarlane

The Dryland Pastures Research team acknowledge the work of Malcolm Macfarlane in progressing the introduction of legumes onto dryland hill country farms. We were delighted Malcolm was overseeing the technical aspects of our research work in Southern Wairarapa. We are all saddened by his sudden passing and our thoughts are with his family, friends and…

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Effects of oestrogen content of lucerne on ewe ovulation rates

Dryland Pastures Research team leader Derrick Moot talks with PhD candidate Rachel Fields about her experiments which are investigating the cause of high phytoestrogen content in lucerne herbage and its impact on ewe ovulation rates when grazed (approx. 5 mins).

Status of a spring sown lucerne cultivar evaluation in early autumn

In this clip Derrick Moot and Ag Sci Hons student Grace Clouston of the Dryland Pastures Research Team discuss the status of a irrigated lucerne cultivar evaluation that was sown on 21 October 2016 (approx 2 mins).

Evaluation of three lucerne cultivars with different fall dormancy ratings

Hi there, Derrick was told the other day that it has been a while since we put up any new posts (sorry about that!) so on Monday we headed out to the field with some of the postgraduate students working within the Dryland Pastures Research Team. We thought we’d take introduce you to some of…

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