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Horehound biocontrol – a step closer

Posted on behalf of the Horehound Biocontrol Group The ball is now seriously rolling towards biological control for horehound! Here is where we are at, as of late February 2018: We have now informed the EPA of our intention to submit an application to release the two biocontrol agents. The EPA will now issue a case…

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Horehound Biocontrol Update 2

Posted on behalf of the Horehound Biocontrol Group Happy New Year everyone, It’s been about six months since the horehound biocontrol project kicked in and a good time to update you on progress. Feasibility Study We have completed the feasibility study, which constitutes the first stage of any weed biocontrol programme and was a Stop/Go decision point…

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Ode to 2017

Posted on behalf of Prof Derrick Moot At the start of this year, thick smoke blackened the air, the Port Hills a blazing inferno Dry grass did ignite, created the sight, helicopter bombing to suppress the dayglow As each night descended, the flying was ended, wind took charge and re-fanned the flame Our Californian insight,…

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Horehound Biocontrol Update 1

Posted on behalf of the Horehound Biocontrol Group Greetings everyone, Following five months of patient waiting, we finally heard last week that our efforts have paid off – the application to MPI’s Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) to fund a biocontrol programme against horehound has been approved! Subject to some paperwork and contracting, the funding will be…

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Focus On Sub – Public Field Day

When: Thursday 23rd November 2017 Start time: 12 pm Where: Koromiko Farm Property of Lucy & Hugh Dampier-Crossley located at 180 Fagans Road, Cheviot, North Canterbury Please bring your own lunch. Tea and Coffee will be provided. Please RSVP to Andrew Johnston by 20 November (027 433 4876 or andrewjohnston@luisettiseeds.co.nz) Topics for discussion Sub clover establishment (Prof. Derrick Moot)…

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Managing sub clover in spring

Posted prepared by the Dryland Pastures Research Team – R. Lucas, S. Olykan, D. Moot, C. Teixeira and A. Mills. Earlier this year, Prof. Derrick Moot discussed ‘Planning for sub clover dominant spring pastures in autumn’(1) so that farmers would have high quality feed for their lactating ewes. There’s a good reason for the focus…

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Ray Brougham Trophy Public Lecture – Legumes Regenerate Pastures

Professor Derrick Moot was awarded the Ray Brougham Trophy by the New Zealand Grassland Trust in Nov 2016. As part of this, award Derrick was required to make a series of public lectures. This video is a recording of the lecture which took place at Lincoln University, Canterbury on 6 Sep 2017. The duration of this…

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Sub4Spring: finally, it’s spring!

Posted prepared by: Dryland Pastures Research Team – C. Teixeira; R. Lucas, S. Olykan, A. Mills and Prof. Derrick Moot Spring is the most important period for most pastoral farms in New Zealand. It brings lambing, calving, milking, and rapid changes in plant growth rates. The increase in air and soil temperatures and day length, during…

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Lecture – Can Legumes Lead the Regeneration of Pastoral Agriculture?

NZ Grassland Trust Ray Brougham Lecture Series – 2017 “Can Legumes Lead the Regeneration of Pastoral Agriculture?”  Presented by Professor Derrick Moot   When:  6th September 2017 Time: 1.10pm – 3.00pm Where: Stewart 1 (S1) Lecture theater, Lincoln University   Proudly brought to you by the New Zealand Grassland Trust The NZGT aims to encourage, promote and foster the advancement of…

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