Dryland Pastures

Overseer fails as regulatory tool

In his report on Overseer the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has indicated that in its current state it does not meet the standards required of a regulatory tool (access the report here). He has recently followed this up with comments about the lack of activity by the current Government to address the issues raised….

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Horehound BioControl Update 12

Greetings everyone, It has been just over a year now since we first released the horehound moths, so it must be a good time to assess where they are at. Plume moth – no big news yet This one was supposed to be the easy one, remember?… We released caterpillars of this leaf-feeding moth at…

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Ode to 2019

It is hard to remember, here in December, what’s happened to end this decade Is it just me, or is it harder to see, that truthful news is a luxury beginning to fade Say what you like, the main tactic of the right, to boldly lie is no longer a crime Do a Donald the…

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Farms, Forestry and Fossil Fuels

Posted on Behalf of Prof Derrick Moot: I recently provided peer review for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environments report on “Farms, forestry and fossil fuels: The next great landscape transformation?“. It rightly points out that the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from turning fossil carbon (oil and coal) into atmospheric carbon dioxide….

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Ode to 2018

It is this year, the world did declare, state sponsored murder became a new fashion A poisoned perfume, in which to resume, a cold war of killing without compassion An English small town, Russian exiles struck down, the Skripals attacked by touring spies But Mr Putin you see, told us all on TV, t’was a…

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Horehound BioControl Update 11

Greetings everyone, November has been a busy month on the horehound biocontrol front, and it ain’t over just yet! Field day and site searching Earlier in the month we were lucky to host horehound biocontrol expert John Weiss from Australia. John joined us to present at a field day as part of the NZ Grasslands…

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Keep Sowing Legumes

“Keep sowing legumes” that’s the message from Professor Moot in response to farmers who have been advised not to put lucerne in their dryland farms because their Farm Environmental Plan shows they leak more nitrogen. Prof Moot considers this a perverse situation caused by using Overseer – he contends the model is an inappropriate tool…

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Horehound BioControl Update 10

Greetings everyone, We have fantastic news to share with you – our application to release two species of moths for the biological control of horehound was granted approval by the EPA! We were expecting to find out the results only late in September, so receiving the news this early is thrilling. You can read the…

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Horehound BioControl Update 9

Greetings all, Yesterday we had our EPA hearing for the two biocontrol agents for horehound. Eight of the 40 submitters asked to speak at the hearing: one was the opposing submission from a herbal medicine company, and the others were submissions in favour of the application. Presentations were a mix of in-person and on a…

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