Dryland Pastures

Ray Brougham Trophy Public Lecture – Legumes Regenerate Pastures

Professor Derrick Moot was awarded the Ray Brougham Trophy by the New Zealand Grassland Trust in Nov 2016. As part of this, award Derrick was required to make a series of public lectures. This video is a recording of the lecture which took place at Lincoln University, Canterbury on 6 Sep 2017. The duration of this…

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Testing legume nodules to identify what rhizobia is fixing legume nitrogen

This month we have a change of scenery with our video blog, and have moved from the paddocks of Sawdon to the laboratory at Lincoln. In this video we look at the first stages of analysing root nodules for specific rhizobia types. By doing this we can test whether the rhizobia, present in the root…

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Lupins at Sawdon – March 2014

We’ve put up a new video post, narrated by PhD student Travis Ryan-Salter, which outlines the March lupin harvest at Sawdon Station (13 minutes).

Lupin grazing at Sawdon Station (January 2014)

The latest video blog from the mid-January harvest of the lupin grazing experiment at Sawdon Station. Dr Alistair Black and PhD student Travis Ryan-Salter from Lincoln University discuss grazing preference and dry matter yields, whilst comparing growth characteristics to last year’s results. Check out the video below (11 min).

December lupin harvest at Sawdon Station

Dr Alistair Black and Travis Ryan-Salter discuss changes in stock management at the mid-December harvest of the lupin grazing experiment at Sawdon Station in our latest video blog. Dry matter yields, lupin establishment and management are discussed. View the video below (13 min).

High Country Forage Improvement Projects

We thought you might like to know a little bit about some of our other research projects. As a result we have decided to give video blogging a go in our Merino NZ funded High Country Forage Improvement Projects. The Objective: “Survive, thrive and make money from…..” This project has seen the Dryland Pastures Team…

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