Dryland Pastures

Dairying in Canterbury

This video is a presentation by Prof Derrick Moot at the European Society of Agronomy Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland from 27-31 Aug 2018. This presentation was given on 30 Aug 2018. The presentation discusses the changes seen in the dairy industry in the Canterbury region and outlines some problems and potential solutions to some of…

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Ray Brougham Trophy Public Lecture – Legumes Regenerate Pastures

Professor Derrick Moot was awarded the Ray Brougham Trophy by the New Zealand Grassland Trust in Nov 2016. As part of this, award Derrick was required to make a series of public lectures. This video is a recording of the lecture which took place at Lincoln University, Canterbury on 6 Sep 2017. The duration of this…

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Lucerne in dairy systems

Professor Derrick Moot was on a dairy farm in the North Island last week where he took these images of dairy cows enjoying a pure lucerne stand prior to their afternoon milking. The farmer uses the lucerne from about 11.00am and then collects the cows after lunch for milking. Prof Moot advised the entry height of…

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