Dryland Pastures



This blog is written by dryland pasture experts from Lincoln University and farmers involved with on-farm research and adaption on commercial properties. This site aims to provide information about dryland pastures to the farming and agribusiness communities. Our goal is the transfer of information and technology to the rural community interested in dryland pastures.

Further details about the properties and access to farmer presentations from the Dryland Legumes Workshop (2012) can be found at www.lincoln.ac.nz/dryland. This link will also outline our other research projects, postgraduate students and their research and has a Frequently Asked Questions page.


Welcome to Lincoln University’s Dryland Pastures Blog.

Here, we are documenting on-farm activity with photos from our Marlborough farmers involved in the Technology Transfer for Dryland Farmers project. The farms involved include: ‘Bonavaree’ (Doug & Fraser Avery), ‘Breach Oak’ (Warwick & Lisa Lissaman), ‘Pyramid’ (Chris & Julia Dawkins) and ‘Tempello’ (David & Jo Grigg).

Gundy & Lisa Anderson from Bog Roy Station between Omarama & Otematata have also just joined us and the Lincoln University Dryland Pastures Team are monitoring things and responding to your questions as they come through.

If you have questions or comments they are always welcome! (there is a “Leave a comment” option under ever blog entry or comment posted – just click & type…)