Dryland Pastures

Grazing begins in the ryegrass/annual clover mixes at Ashley Dene – 20 August

Dick Lucas discusses the initiation of grazing by ewes with twin lambs at foot in the ryegrass/subterranean clover and plantain mix at Ashley Dene on the 20th Aug in this first video post (approx. 3 mins). In the second we look at the ryegrass pasture established with both sub and balansa clovers (approx. 2 mins)….

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Mid-winter grazing of the cocksfoot dominant annual clover pastures

Dick Lucas shows the pre-grazing state of the cocksfoot pasture on July 1 which lead to the decision to initiate a winter graze to ensure survival of the young annual clover seedlings at the base of the pasture. This video shows the plot the ram hoggets have just entered for a clean up graze. At…

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Winter weed control in lucerne and grazing management of the annual clover pastures at Ashley Dene

Today we have two video blogs. In the first, Derrick Moot discusses the state of a lucerne monoculture following the winter herbicide application for dicot weed control. Canopy development is discussed in relation to spring feed supply (approx. 2½ mins). In the second (captioned due to wind noise), Dick Lucas talks us through the reasons…

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