Dryland Pastures

Late autumn annual clover pasture status – the hybrid ryegrass/sub clover mix

In this, the final video blog in the late autumn field walk series taken in early May, we look at the state of the fourth treatment in our ‘MaxAnnuals’ Experiment at Ashley Dene, Canterbury (approx. 4 mins). This pasture was established with the following dryland pasture mix in autumn 2013: 10 kg/ha ‘Ultra Enhanced’ perennial…

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Late autumn annual clover pasture status – the cocksfoot/sub clover mix

In this video we look at the third of the dryland pasture mixes which forms part of our grass/clover experiment at Ashley Dene, Canterbury. (approx. 6 mins) This pasture was established with: 2 kg/ha ‘Greenly’ cocksfoot (orchardgrass; Dactylis glomerata) 10 kg/ha subterranean clover (5 kg/ha ‘Denmark’ plus 5 kg/ha ‘Rosabrook’; Trifolium subterraneum) 0.5 kg/ha ‘Tonic’…

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