Dryland Pastures

Tagasaste – a valuable shrub for sheep and beef farms

Posted on behalf of Dick Lucas We used to refer to Tagasaste (Chamycytisus palmenta) as ‘tree lucerne’ but in fact this woody legume has few similarities to lucerne (Medicago sativa; alfalfa). The Spanish name ‘tagasaste’ helps avoid making false assumptions about its management needs. For instance, in contrast to lucerne, tagasaste does not need lime…

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Early autumn rains give perfect conditions for Sub clover

Posted on behalf of Dick Lucas The recent early autumn, record rain in North Canterbury and other east coast areas will give perfect conditions for an early flush of sub clover seedlings in dryland pastures. In milder coastal areas and north hill faces, if sub clover/grass pastures have an average of 10 sub seedlings per…

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