Dryland Pastures

December lupin harvest at Sawdon Station

Dr Alistair Black and Travis Ryan-Salter discuss changes in stock management at the mid-December harvest of the lupin grazing experiment at Sawdon Station in our latest video blog. Dry matter yields, lupin establishment and management are discussed. View the video below (13 min).

Spring stock rotations on Lucerne paddocks at Bonavaree

It’s been a successful spring at Bonavaree! Early spring had been fairly wet and so early spring growth was relatively slow. Although soil conditions are now perfection for Lucerne, and Fraser had seen a notable shift in gear in the lucerne stands, with a flush of feed evident. See photos below of Jeffries Front Flat…

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Lambing on Lucerne – Year 2

We have just completed our second season of lambing on lucerne, and as Derrick said “things just keep getting better and better”… We realised after our our first experience last year that the length of time the ewes were set stocked for lambing was compromising the management of the lucerne, so this year we scanned…

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