Dryland Pastures

Flushing and mating on Lucerne – the stuff you need to know

Posted on behalf of Dr Derrick Moot (Professor of Plant Science, Lincoln University) UPDATED: 28/2/2017 One of our most frequently asked questions at this time of year is “Can I use my lucerne for ewe/hogget mating?” so we thought it was timely to post some information so you can make an informed decision: As always…

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Bonavaree North Face (Drilled October 2012)

Establishment of North Face with the Bonavaree mix had been slow, and the season at Bonavaree had been one of the most problematic years to establish Lucerne and Lucerne mixes. This paddock is now coming into it’s own, and is looking good following a bit of careful management. The main issues this year were: Cold…

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Bonavaree Jeffries Front Flat (December)

Jeffries Front Flat was being grazed by the replacement ewe lambs at my visit just prior to Xmas. The ewe lambs had removed the bulk of the leaf and green vegetation, leaving a small amount of stalk as residual (see photos at left of lamb residual). The mob of 950 ewe lambs were due to…

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