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How to subscribe to updates on the dryland pastures blog

You can subscribe to our dryland pastures blog updates using the RSS feed (on the right of the page under the “Meta” heading for either Posts and or Comments posted). This option will check the blog & let you know if a new post/comment has been published (so you don’t have to check it yourself!)….

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Free lucerne text alert service from Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand offers a free text alert service which delivers lucerne management tips & the latest research from Professor Derrick Moot at Lincoln University & other lucerne experts directly to you. This free service is sent out by Beef + Lamb New Zealand extension manager Aaron Meikle and can be subscribed to at: http://beeflambnz.com/news-events/News/2012/february/text-service-provides-direct-line-to-forage-information/…

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Ashley Dene – grazing begins on the Home Block

On Friday (7 Sept) lucerne on the Home Block at Ashley Dene was about 22 cm high which we estimate as being about 2200 kg DM/ha of standing dry matter (DM). This is based on calibrations we developed previously. At this time of year we expect every centimetre of lucerne height to translate to about…

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Bonavaree – Lambing onto Lucerne (Jeffries Front Flat)

Lambing in Jeffries Front Flat has now finished. It is certainly not a normal season at Bonavaree. Having had the total annual rainfall in only 8 months (200 mm since lambing started) has delayed a few things. The lightly set stocked ewes on this paddock, and many others, would usually be mobbed up into larger mobs…

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Ashley Dene – Preparing for spring grazing of lucerne

Here at Lincoln, we are currently getting ready to start grazing lucerne on the Home Block at Ashley Dene. These stands are about 3 years old now (sown Nov 2008) and we are looking at how different spring grazing management is going to impact on how the lucerne yield, persistence and animal liveweight production. The grazing…

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Ashley Dene Lincoln University Dryland Farm – the first 100 years

Dick Lucas has just informed me that the Ashley Dene Centenary book is now available for sale at the Lincoln University bookshop. The book describes the history and development of Ashley Dene since it was purchased by Lincoln Agricultural College in 1909. It contains commentaries from staff, students and farm managers about their time at the farm. Pastoral and livestock…

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