Dryland Pastures

Bonavaree – Lambing onto Mixed Species Paddocks (Glen Erin House Paddock)

This season has been incredibly wet at Bonavaree, the total average rainfall has been reached already, and there are still 4 months to go! The ewes and lambs have shown remarkable resilience to this wet, with very high lamb survival rates, even when the weather was at its worse. The ewes have lambed in very…

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Bonavaree – Lambing onto Omaka Barley (North Face)

Omaka Barley is a great crop to use at Bonavaree. Barley is used here because it really fits in well with the Avery’s system. The Omaka variety has been bred locally, and is very suitable for reliable dry matter production in a Marlborough dryland environment. It is a multipurpose crop at Bonavaree, in that it…

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Bonavaree – Lambing onto Lucerne (Jeffries Front Flat)

This paddock of Torlesse is currently grazed by twin lambing ewes. Lucerne/Prairie Grass/Plantain, and Annual Ryegrass paddocks are also used for multiple bearing ewes to provide maximum nutrition in late pregnancy and lambing. Single bearing ewes are not grazed on lucerne, as this is better utilised for multiple lamb production.  Fraser uses lucerne paddocks to…

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Bonavaree Dryland Blog

Doug and Fraser Avery have kindly agreed to let us visit their property on a regular basis to report on what is happening on Bonavaree throughout the farming calendar. Initially Doug has selected three paddocks for us to use in this blog, but flexibility is key to farming successfully in a dryland environment, and so…

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Welcome to dryland pastures blog

We’re working on making our blog a living breathing thing with live info from the field. The information will use on-the-ground knowledge of the farmers using the species successfully within their systems & who will outline their on-farm activity, successes and failures. Additional information and support is provided by the Lincoln University Dryland Pastures Research…

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